Saturday, September 19, 2009

To start writing a blog

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To start writing a blog is something everyone of us would do with great enthusiasm. And this enthusiasm will live on up till you make you first couple of posts and try beautifying your blog with all kinds of gadgets and stuff.
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But it dies then. I was one of those who thought having enough material to publish two blogs everyday was an easy job. I realize its not. Forget two, material for one blog would be very difficult if you don't have the motivation.

I had started my two blogs (one and two) around a month ago with great motivation thinking I can write loads of stuff everyday only to find out that it was a shallow thought. Or its not and its your motivation that is shallow.

When I look around and see so many of those a-list bloggers that do not have posts for days together I used to think 'what the hell. why can't they be more frequent with their posts': only to discover that they have all become a-listers by being motivated to write good stuff with by the way takes some time to think or take shape.

So if you are planning to write a blog and have huge expectations here is my tip: take things one at a time until you get used. Later on you would get addicted and will start liking it. Do not try to win the whole world in just a few days. You need all the bricks and all the time in the world to build something significant.

Good luck.

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